Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Go Baby OutMat

I saw this cute blanket on Baby Steals and saw that one looked a lot like the groovy garden pattern by Ju-Ju-Be of course like always with that site...I didn't check out fast enough to get it! But on the Go Baby website they are having a special and you can use the code MOMDEALS and get an additional discount!! So I got it for the babysteals price!! This blanket is the perfect size for a handful of babies/toddlers and it works great for me and my two! This blanket is also lined with something water proof! when I first opened it and lay it out for the kids my daughter promptly stole dads soda and spilled it all over the blanket! I didn't see it for a minute and when I did I lifted the blanket and not a drop of soda was on my already child-ruined carpet! This Out Mat right out of the package feels rough like an old terry cloth towel but after one wash (w/country save detergent) its a lot softer and can now actually be used as a blanket in a pinch! I would recommend this play mat for indoor and out door use! Go Baby also has a indoor mat called the InMat on their site! I will probably review this one soon!! Another great thing about the Out Mat is that it rolls right up into a carry bag that has a zipper pouch big enough for keys, or whatever! and you can fit a few diapers and wipes in the main compartment w/the rolled up blanket!!!

  • Mat surface area is 50"x50"
  • Available in 3 designs: Spiral/Pink & Brown, Swoosh/Light Green & Dark Green and Single/Blue & Orange
  • Rolls up into its own bag for easy transportation
  • Internal zipper allows mat to detach from the bag for easy washing
  • Adjustable straps fit on any stroller or over the shoulder
  • External pocket for keys, sunscreen or snacks
  • Super lightweight design that you can take everywhere - under 3 lbs!
kids playing on it
bag empty:
Bag it comes in
Bag w/blanket in it next to Groovy garden belight change pad:
To show size rolled up next to GG change pad(21x12.25)
And I folded up the change pad to put in the little pocket!

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