Monday, September 21, 2015

MO+M Cotton Baby Carrier

I have been using this carrier almost daily. I am very active in the baby wearing "world", this carrier definitely deserves a look if you are looking into a carrier that is budget friendly and has the mesh option! My son is 20months old now and 26lbs as of his appointment 2 days ago. The seat of this baby carrier is not much larger than his diaper area so he is not knee to knee like it is recommended in children ages 2 and under. This is easily remedied by tying a scarf or large muslin blanket rolled up to support the legs to keep the pressure off their bottom/hips. This carrier is NOT a so called "crotch dangler" it is just not a toddler carrier, but can be used long into toddler-hood as long as you both are comfortable, and use the scarf trick if baby seems uncomfortable or has hip problems. I find the buckles to be easy to use, the straps are quite cushy and comfortable, if you have the straps or waist wrong your back will let you know after a few minutes, so be willing to do some adjustments before you throw in the towel if you are new to babywearing. The pocket is nice to have to keep my cell phone in. I LOVE that the hood is a soft cotton, it supports my sons head wonderfully while he is asleep or nursing. Nursing is very easy in this carrier, I just loosen the arm straps a bit so I can get into my shirt to give him access. The safety on the waist buckle is a very nice feature to have, my daughter loves to "help me" by unbuckling my waist buckle when I ask my toddler if hes ready to come out, this solves that problem. I am very excited about the mesh option! I love that the zip off panel just folds down into a waist pocket so you cant lose it or leave it at home. I have washed this carrier and it comes out looking brand new! This is great because it is the carrier I keep in my kitchen for when my toddler needs cuddles, but I don't want to cook in my other carriers. The only thing I would want to change about this carrier is that it had an adjustable seat to make it accommodate a toddler more comfortably, or that they made it in a toddler size separate!  But because I am reviewing this carrier and not doing a comparison of other carriers I am giving this baby carrier 5 out of 5 stars because it is a great budget baby carrier, Its sturdy, it has a mesh panel, and my son really enjoys it.

Savvy Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I have sweaty babies, muslin blankets have quickly become a favorite in my home. They are large and work great for my toddler and 4 year old. My 1 year old has chosen the “cross” one as his favorite and totes it around the house! He was just sick the other day and was hugging one of the two clean blankets at all times, his cross one smelled like puppy so it was in the laundry! Like any muslin blanket they do the best when washed alone with no other items other than muslin blankets in the washer and dryer with them. They stay softer and last longer if washed alone. The patterns I received in my 3-pack are trendy while still having a classic look to them being white and grey. So far my uses for them have been: sun cover, car blanket (he is rear facing so I'm glad he won't overheat in these), nursing cuddles, bed time, and baby blankets for my daughters dolly. These will be useful for years to come, and will maybe even be used if another baby ever comes along :) I received these for free in exchange for leaving unbiased positive or negative feedback.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Haul'a baby wrap

My first Haul'a Baby wrap was defective, it ripped width wise while I was trying to use it in ringsling mode. Customer service was excellent, they overnighted me a new wrap! They assured me I happened to get a defective wrap and that their carriers have been thoroughly tested. I wore the new wrap today for over two hours with no problem, I have been baby wearing for 9 years now and I love that this is thinner and more breathable than the competitors I have used in the past. The fact that this comes with rings to do different carrying positions is awesome. My son is 25lbs and fell asleep and took a nap in it today, because he is so heavy I spread out the wrap and double wrap my torso to spread his weight. My fist photo is my defective wrap and the rest are my new perfect one!! I did a video review on this that I will do my best to upload soon.