Monday, August 31, 2015

Silicon counter gap covers for your stove

These work and look amazing with my black stove. My husband never understood how so much gunk would get stuck down there, so when we moved I had to get these! They are durable enough to stay put and you can just run a rag over top of them. I'm sure I'll just toss them in the dishwasher on top rack someday. My mom didn't know these existed until I showed these to her so now she's trying to decide white or black! I received these in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion. check them out on Amazon

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Volmate Pulse Ox monitor

Yet another review for ya! This one is of a medical nature. My 19 month old son has asthma and I have always wanted a pulse ox monitor to check on him. We live 45 minutes from the hospital and sometimes it would be nice to know if he is in  as much stress as he seems. The Volmate Fingertip Pulse Oximeter was offered to me for review so I was glad to do it. It takes two AAA batteries, and has a lanyard and carrying case that is slightly padded for protection. It turns on with a click of a button (luckily it only has one button). It has a digital display that is hard to read correctly if you are in a very well lit area, dimming the lights would give an excellent bright reading. To use it you insert your finger, finger nail up, and wait about 10 seconds and if your finger is in correctly it gives your reading. The original reading it gives is usually not accurate but if you hold still and wait a minute your numbers climb. This can be hard for using on  a baby. Im going to hope I come across on meant for a child size hand because some of the readings I got for my son would be of a person in very deep distress. The hightest oxegen saturation level I got for him was 96% I believe, that is normal, and we do live in the mountians, but the lowest I got for him was in the 60s, that is not close to normal, and he was not having any difficulties. I still give this a 4 out of 5 stars being as it is a device for adults and not geared for small children.  See my video review below. I recieved this for free in exchange for my honest review.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mamaway Ring Sling Review

I received this Mamaway ring sling baby carrier for free in exchange for my review. I was a bit nervous going in because of the nylon rings. I have done my fair share of baby wearing and always used wrap conversion ring slings with metal rings. The sling came packaged perfectly for gift giving, and it folds up nicely into an attached pocket. I prefer to keep my slings threaded so it's faster off and on. This sling says it suitable for toddlers, and I have one. My son is 19 months and 25lbs. He fits perfectly and I was able to breastfeed just fine in it. The rails are slightly padded so that's nice! He does feel a little heavy to me since this is not the most supportive fabric, and I usually have a different shoulder style, but if you get it for your newborn it will get you through the first 20lbs just fine! It will probably get comfiest with washing as well! Overall as far as cotton ring slings go, this gets a 5/5 stars, but in the ring sling world I would give it a 3.5/5 stars, only because wrap conversions are much cushier and supportive for me. But a huge thank you to Mamaway for giving me the opportunity to review this really cute sling. #mamawayus
sirect link to product on Amazon. *disclaimer sellers stock photos do not all show correct usage. Baby's head must always be close enough to kiss! Please research proper ring sling positions if you are new to wearing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Even moms like funny stuff! Awesomely Funny Wine Glass Review

I love this glass! Even my kids think it's hilarious because apparently I'm having a bad day everyday, because that's how much soda I'm drinking from it. It's much sturdier than my cheap one dollar one, but I still hand wash it. The words are well done as well! I didn't need the pairing guide since I'll drink wine with anything (responsibly of course!), but the stem charm is adorable. This wine glass would make a great gift for any lady in your life who enjoys sarcasm, and humor! I received this at a discount in exchange for my unbiased and honest review! #EtchinA

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

GxPro Universal Car Mount and Charger

I am so glad I was chosen to review this universal car mount and charger from GxPro on Amazon. It was super easy to install. I like the fact that I can put the small thin magnet inside my phones case and I don't have to use the adhesive backing if I don't want to. The mount just attaches right to my heater/AC vent with one hand, and the car charger has 3 USB ports, so I can charge my phone, my husbands phone and even my ipad or my kids' video game. So far I have only needed to charge my cell phone which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and It gave me a full charge in about 30 minutes. My old charger took a few hours. This set up does not come with a cable so you will need to provide your own. The description on amazon says this mount works for an iPad Mini, but it was not strong enough to hold it up in the case. I'm not willing to use the adhesive on the back of my iPad to see if it will hold it up w/out a case. My iPad is not connected to my cellular service so I personally have no need to view my iPad in the car. I think this is a great buy and if you want something simple and non damaging to your phone, that you can easily move from one car to another I totally recommend it! #gxprocarmountcharger

Item was purchased with a promotional discount or received for free in exchange for testing and giving my honest unbiased opinion of this product. If you found my review helpful please feel free to vote helpful for me on amazon, look for my review in the link below. Thank you

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Runaby Baby Glass Bottole w/Silicone Sleeve

View the bottle on amazon

I was very excited to review this bottle. I'm leery of using bottles and sippy cups made of plastic. I have invested in skinny glass bottles and a couple stainless ones but Cruz has not been very attached to any of them. Life Factory makes them with the cute silicone sleeves but they are skinny bottles. This Runaby Baby Glass bottle not only has an easy to wash wide neck, it also has handles that you can take off if your baby doesn't like them. Cruz loves them and now only wants to use this bottle. He is still breastfeeding and really enjoys this bottle so mommy gets a break!! If your baby doesn't like the nipple you can actually use nipples off your plastic bottles from Dr Brown's, AVENT, NUK, MAM, and possibly a few more. We chose the 8oz blue bottle but it also comes in pink with the option for 4oz as well. So far this bottle has held up to being thrown across the living room, dropped off the high chair, and stood on! It was left tipped over for over an hour and the stage 2 nipple only leaked chocolate milk the size of a quarter. It washes up very easily and I love that the silicone sleeve is easy to remove for cleaning as well. I really recommend this bottle. #runabybottle

Found him behind the chair enjoying some chocolate milk from Grandma

Item was purchased with a promotional discount or received for free in exchange for testing and giving my honest unbiased opinion of this product. If you found my review helpful please feel free to vote helpful for me on amazon. Thank you


Monday, August 3, 2015

Konjac Sponge, safe for face and babies!

I had never heard of a Konjac Sponge before, so I was a bit skeptical... I ended up having to track it down since I was in the middle of moving, but as soon as I got home I just had to try it!! You need to get it soaking wet under the faucet to change it from feeling like packing material to a super soft squishy sponge. Within seconds its ready to use, and oh my goodness my skin feels like its glowing! It glides across your skin and massages gently. I have sensitive skin so I just used water although it says you can use a foaming cleanser. My face feels so fresh and clean, I cant wait to use it again!! I posted a picture of my cheek to show its not red or irritated at all! I put it back into the little bag it came in for storage. The bag has instructions for use on it as well. I received this at a discount in exchange for my honest review, and I will be buying more of these!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

For the love of babywearing

This is not so much a review, its mostly just me rambling. I'm just so happy I stumbled on the world of babywearing! I have worn all my kids, I started off with one of those snugli baby carriers that you could wear on your back..I thought that thing was awesome! But of course after she hit 20lbs or so, it hurt my back and I stopped. 8 years later, a few kids, and many, many baby carriers later, I'm happy to say we are still a babywearing family! My main go to carriers are Tula, Lenny Lamb SSC, and an occasional wrap or ring sling. If it wasn't my addiction to the cute Tula prints I think my baby would not have been worn as often and mostly in a stroller. There is nothing wrong with using a stroller mainly (I currently own 4 I think), but with 5 kids in tow, plus often babysitting its nice to wear one (or two!) and have a stroller for an older heavier child. I get to snuggle my little one and still have hands free for important things like hugs and coffee ;)