Friday, September 11, 2015

Haul'a baby wrap

My first Haul'a Baby wrap was defective, it ripped width wise while I was trying to use it in ringsling mode. Customer service was excellent, they overnighted me a new wrap! They assured me I happened to get a defective wrap and that their carriers have been thoroughly tested. I wore the new wrap today for over two hours with no problem, I have been baby wearing for 9 years now and I love that this is thinner and more breathable than the competitors I have used in the past. The fact that this comes with rings to do different carrying positions is awesome. My son is 25lbs and fell asleep and took a nap in it today, because he is so heavy I spread out the wrap and double wrap my torso to spread his weight. My fist photo is my defective wrap and the rest are my new perfect one!! I did a video review on this that I will do my best to upload soon.

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