Friday, October 30, 2015

#backseatorganizer by Growing Sunshine

I received this product for the sole purpose of providing my honest and unbiased feedback.

Back Seat Organizer from Growing Sunshine
My kids are excited to have somewhere to store their treasures in the 3rd row of my SUV. I don't let them leave things in the car so I don't have pictures of it full, but my bigger kids have had no complaints! They put their small stuffed animals in there on their way to grandmas, or their coloring pads. Installation was very easy, you just clip it around and then hook the hooks through the seat bight. (It doesn't interfere with my car seat.) I like how that stabilizes it for my kids to get their things in and out, no flapping around! I only wish my car had adjustable headrests in the front so all my kids could have one for their stuff. I wouldn't put anything in there that might be a projectile in a crash. We just bought this SUV used and haven't detailed it yet, don't mind the dirty seats in the pictures! I received this free for the sole purpose of providing my honest and unbiased feedback, my thoughts were not compensated in any way.

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