Thursday, November 12, 2015

mama and little teething neclaces


Cruz is loving these teething necklaces, I have Bubblegum double strand shown left, and a single strand in Lavender right.
My favorite is the single strand one called "lavender" because its easier to hide in my sweater if I want to, and Cruz seems to enjoy the multi surfaces of the silicone beads. Both necklaces have break away clasps, I'll be honest I wanted to see how safe they were in case Cruz got one when I wasn't looking. I hooked them on my cabinet handle and leaned away and they came apart pretty quickly, so as long as it wasn't wrapped around his neck more than once he would be ok..but I am not going to test that theory and I do my best to not get lazy and I keep them up!
Cruz has not tried to teeth on them, but he really enjoys them at nap time, and when nursing. On a couple occasion he has fallen asleep just from playing with the beads when sleepy. They are also great to wear when you are babywearing, something they can play with and not drop!!!
12239623_10207715965037844_3153674613006153576_n 12227217_10207709011544011_5969136670966635702_n
I wish I had these when he was born! We will still get use out of them but these will now be a part of baby gifts because he loves them so much now :)


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