Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Travel Changing Pad - Portable Diaper Clutch Bag with Wipes Dispenser Kit

This changing pad fits perfectly under the second seat of my Phil & Teds stroller, if you have one of these strollers you know there is not much room for baby essentials. This travel changing pad has a grab handle as well as a strap w/snap so you can attach it to your strollers handle or to your headrest of your car if you so please. The changing area is quite large, it is able to be wiped down, that is a necessity with babies! You can also unzip the changing pad from the storage area if you need to deep clean it or just don't need the changing surface. The changing surface is huge! I have plenty of room for my toddler, and you wouldn't even need to fully unfold it for a newborn. The included wipes case is a nice addition and keeps my wipes usable, I only put about 6 wipes in at a time just in case I go a long period with out needing to use the kit. The wipes case also has a handle with snap so you can attach it to something if needed. I think every parent should have at least one of these portable kits because they are just so handy. They are even great to stash under the couch if you have a two story house like I do because I hate having to run upstairs just for a diaper, but I don't have a good spot down stairs for his changing table. The clip that holds this kit together feels great quality, and the zippers feel strong as well.

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