Sunday, August 23, 2015

Mamaway Ring Sling Review

I received this Mamaway ring sling baby carrier for free in exchange for my review. I was a bit nervous going in because of the nylon rings. I have done my fair share of baby wearing and always used wrap conversion ring slings with metal rings. The sling came packaged perfectly for gift giving, and it folds up nicely into an attached pocket. I prefer to keep my slings threaded so it's faster off and on. This sling says it suitable for toddlers, and I have one. My son is 19 months and 25lbs. He fits perfectly and I was able to breastfeed just fine in it. The rails are slightly padded so that's nice! He does feel a little heavy to me since this is not the most supportive fabric, and I usually have a different shoulder style, but if you get it for your newborn it will get you through the first 20lbs just fine! It will probably get comfiest with washing as well! Overall as far as cotton ring slings go, this gets a 5/5 stars, but in the ring sling world I would give it a 3.5/5 stars, only because wrap conversions are much cushier and supportive for me. But a huge thank you to Mamaway for giving me the opportunity to review this really cute sling. #mamawayus
sirect link to product on Amazon. *disclaimer sellers stock photos do not all show correct usage. Baby's head must always be close enough to kiss! Please research proper ring sling positions if you are new to wearing.

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