Saturday, August 1, 2015

For the love of babywearing

This is not so much a review, its mostly just me rambling. I'm just so happy I stumbled on the world of babywearing! I have worn all my kids, I started off with one of those snugli baby carriers that you could wear on your back..I thought that thing was awesome! But of course after she hit 20lbs or so, it hurt my back and I stopped. 8 years later, a few kids, and many, many baby carriers later, I'm happy to say we are still a babywearing family! My main go to carriers are Tula, Lenny Lamb SSC, and an occasional wrap or ring sling. If it wasn't my addiction to the cute Tula prints I think my baby would not have been worn as often and mostly in a stroller. There is nothing wrong with using a stroller mainly (I currently own 4 I think), but with 5 kids in tow, plus often babysitting its nice to wear one (or two!) and have a stroller for an older heavier child. I get to snuggle my little one and still have hands free for important things like hugs and coffee ;)

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