Saturday, August 8, 2015

Runaby Baby Glass Bottole w/Silicone Sleeve

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I was very excited to review this bottle. I'm leery of using bottles and sippy cups made of plastic. I have invested in skinny glass bottles and a couple stainless ones but Cruz has not been very attached to any of them. Life Factory makes them with the cute silicone sleeves but they are skinny bottles. This Runaby Baby Glass bottle not only has an easy to wash wide neck, it also has handles that you can take off if your baby doesn't like them. Cruz loves them and now only wants to use this bottle. He is still breastfeeding and really enjoys this bottle so mommy gets a break!! If your baby doesn't like the nipple you can actually use nipples off your plastic bottles from Dr Brown's, AVENT, NUK, MAM, and possibly a few more. We chose the 8oz blue bottle but it also comes in pink with the option for 4oz as well. So far this bottle has held up to being thrown across the living room, dropped off the high chair, and stood on! It was left tipped over for over an hour and the stage 2 nipple only leaked chocolate milk the size of a quarter. It washes up very easily and I love that the silicone sleeve is easy to remove for cleaning as well. I really recommend this bottle. #runabybottle

Found him behind the chair enjoying some chocolate milk from Grandma

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