Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: Volmate Pulse Ox monitor

Yet another review for ya! This one is of a medical nature. My 19 month old son has asthma and I have always wanted a pulse ox monitor to check on him. We live 45 minutes from the hospital and sometimes it would be nice to know if he is in  as much stress as he seems. The Volmate Fingertip Pulse Oximeter was offered to me for review so I was glad to do it. It takes two AAA batteries, and has a lanyard and carrying case that is slightly padded for protection. It turns on with a click of a button (luckily it only has one button). It has a digital display that is hard to read correctly if you are in a very well lit area, dimming the lights would give an excellent bright reading. To use it you insert your finger, finger nail up, and wait about 10 seconds and if your finger is in correctly it gives your reading. The original reading it gives is usually not accurate but if you hold still and wait a minute your numbers climb. This can be hard for using on  a baby. Im going to hope I come across on meant for a child size hand because some of the readings I got for my son would be of a person in very deep distress. The hightest oxegen saturation level I got for him was 96% I believe, that is normal, and we do live in the mountians, but the lowest I got for him was in the 60s, that is not close to normal, and he was not having any difficulties. I still give this a 4 out of 5 stars being as it is a device for adults and not geared for small children.  See my video review below. I recieved this for free in exchange for my honest review.

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